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Fataluku and English wordlists (vocabulary)

The wordlists are for learning Fataluku from English (or English from Fataluku) but they don’t work so well in this direction.

The lists are arranged in 9 categories covering the whole range of language (like a thesaurus).  The title of each category indicates the range of language included in it.

These categories are:

1 God – matter – subject (Being)
2 number – happen (basic parameters of being - mostly adjectival)
3 syntactical words (pronouns, conjunctions etc.)
4 do – make (action, basic verbs)
5 appear – examine (perception)
6 think – belief (intellect, communication)
7 want – give (possession)
8 intend – government (will)
9 emotion – society (value)

 In addition there are two alphabetical lists, 
Fataluku – English and English – Fataluku (like a dictionary).  

These are complete only for the first three categories. 
The rest will be put in later.