pass by (and miss) luhumohe 4 move (mid)
miss (someone) out luhucene 2 num
leave out luhukaure 2 num
miss out luhukaure 2 num
leave out valimkaure 2 num
miss out valimkaure 2 num
missed out in serving dinner luhumace 3 vb
prpare rice grains for use uhue 2 in the country
winnow liri 2 in the country
winnow tafa: ale tafa 2 in the country
basket (for rice) neru 2 in the country
husk lava: ale lava 2 in the country
stick for pounding grain alutu 2 in the country
bowl for rice grains lutu 2 in the country
chaff fahu: ale fahu 2 in the country
shake rice in a basket, rotating (in winnowing) va-ate 2 in the country
shake rice in a basket up and down (in winnowing) reise 2 in the country
pick out the unfinished grains a'ile: ale noko a'ile 2 in the country
again, going over uhu- 3 vb
read over uhuleere 3 vb
go over uhupai 3 vb
go through again uhue 3 vb
umbrella of palm leaf kere 2 position
cover ta'ale 2 position
again, going over uhu- 3 vb
overdo tali more 4 do
everywhere te-tenae 2 place
it applies iva'ane 3 vb
scribble over acukere-kere 6 write
write on acukere-kere 6 write
u'ucene stroke 4 touch
aakeere write down 6 write
gallop (vt) luka 4 move (trans)
gallop (vi) tifare 4 move (int)
pull out quickly lahume 2 position
jerk out aalahume 2 position
verbal form of "that": being there ine 7 have
put there, contribute ine em ine 7 have
contribute ine em ine 7 have
put in as a share ine em ine 7 have
own ine 7 have
have, own ine 7 have
spring into multiple action ririke 4 move (int)
go on moving about riri-ririke 4 move (int)
scatter (vi) e'eririke 4 move (int)
feel a warning instinct veletaru ririke 5 feel
flesh creeps veletaru riri-ririke 5 feel
tingling ciri-ciri 5 feel
pins and needles, tingling ciri-ciri 5 feel
transfer (e.g. money) heluria 7 buy
put aside to meet a need acakne 7 acquire
acquire to meet a need acakne 7 acquire
put aside, put together, acquire to meet a need acakne 7 acquire
productive, has a result amuvale 1 plant
even nita sasa 2 shape
uneven isi-hiamui 2 shape
post sasanu 2 shape
regarding nanate 2 position
regarding ia'amaran hin 2 position
in connection with nanate 2 position
in connection with ia'amaran hin 2 position
restaurant varun 2 city
tower pupuaka 2 city
permanent ivaari-vaarinu 2 time
routine nei-neipai 1 routine
routine nei-neinu inei-neinu 1 routine
routine nei-nei 1 routine
incompletely teru- 3 vb
unfinished teru- 3 vb
underway, but not completed terune 3 vb
halfway terune: i'a terune 3 vb
part-way terune: i'a terune 3 vb
oversleep tu'ucaia 1 routine
way: be in the way utune 2 position
shake laku 4 move (trans)
miss, fail to find etemohe 7 acquire
find tanimohe 7 acquire
come across, find tanimohe 7 acquire
kick out malupela'a em malupela'a 4 move (trans)
expel malupela'a em malupela'a 4 move (trans)
kick out maluneure 4 move (trans)
expel maluneure 4 move (trans)
creased kukule 2 shape
screwed up kukule 2 shape
not as intended u-u 3 vb
prematurely u-u 3 vb
eat before cooked u-unava 3 vb
doing prematurely u-upai 3 vb
wake up too early u-ucure 3 vb
share vali-vali 7 use-give
stamp aacafa 4 touch
press itipale em itipale 4 touch
press itice'u em itice'u 4 touch
press te'u 4 touch
stick, fasten apalamai 4 join
fasten, stick apalamai 4 join
patch apalamai 4 join
mistake: make a eteneceremu 6 reason
shave hairs peu 4 touch
scrape aaseile 4 touch
smoothe off limare 4 touch
smoothe off (metal) hilat pai 4 touch
scrape walls before painting reboka 4 touch
smoothe walls before painting reboka 4 touch
agree: come to an agreement oco: luku-lukun nita oco 6 communicate
joints of the bones aaneherana: hafa nita-aaneherana 1 body and soul
stand on aanehere 2 position
tin, can lata 7 have
tinned lata'i 1 food
must hai 3 vb
keep on vaari 3 vb
keep on (shown by reduplication) 3 vb
sandal tapalu 1 clothes
shoe tapalu 1 clothes
tame (animal) (vb) pasu 1 animal
house: traditional house on high posts lee (z)iaval 2 house
safe place for valuables at top of roof space itimatan deep eyes T 2 house
complete upahe 4 do
complement upahana 4 do
finish ulahe 4 do
complete culapai 4 do
distort (figurative) a'aca'a 2 shape
twist, distort a'aca'a 2 shape
biased ulunate: akam ulunate 8 intend - choose
biased hicica'a: unu hicica'a 8 intend - choose
stand in line aanehere 8 organise
Monday iaaneherana 2 time
series aaneherana 2 number
high up lalu-lalune 2 position
fit for purpose irauni 8 purpose
no good, not fit for purpose ikaparana 8 purpose
beams for the roof etecoli 2 shape
tall, upright (physical) coli lohai 2 shape
upright (physical) coli lohai 2 shape
straight coli 2 shape
fatacoli 2 shape
all (of a small group) touru 1 God - good
people (general) touru 1 God - good
others, the others touru 1 God - good
many, a lot toure 1 God - good
pointless arapali 8 purpose
pointless larinpali 8 purpose
motiveless arapali 8 purpose
motiveless larinpali 8 purpose
root (fig) larin- 1 plant
indigenous larin, larinu 1 plant
native larin, larinu 1 plant
foreign malai 1 plant
local food larin macenu 1 plant
broiler chicken (bought from larin aca 1 plant
native larin, larinu 2 place
native(s) mua ocava(ru) 2 place
8 competent
professional, regular coru 8 competent
regular, professional coru 8 competent
expert coru 8 competent
speaker coru luku-lukun coru 8 competent
footballer coru bola tielen coru 8 competent
carry under the arm ulavariteni 7 have
come before emere, ta ura 8 organise
take precedence over emere, ta ura 8 organise
disturb utupai-pai 8 organise
bother, trouble s.o. acapai-pai 8 organise
interfere akam ihini o fai 8 organise
mess up rekispai 8 organise
confusion (of people) nita utumaramau 8 organise
confusion (of things) nita utulaku-laku 8 organise
chaos nita utuva-vahe 8 organise
chaos nita utulaku-laku 8 organise
disorder leipali 8 organise
disorder napaniki 8 organise
itifarana hai jene the flow is different different
foe weeds
pala foehe weed the garden
pala foeh fai  
itifarana hai jene the flow is different
putase tie around, surround
taru nita puta a tangled rope
itifarana hai jene the flow is different hai is (but something has happened)
napa adds strong pleading to the request High time
  expression of frustration when someone is not coming up to expectations
A napamau   Cal-pal humara ucute tu tavar ta afi napatolune.
A napa tolune   Ocava ana kail coru po a napatolune.
  A nacun napafai!  
  You should at least do something!  
o'orana hau nacun napafai
For heaven's sake do something about the noise.
It's high time you did something about the noise.
translate turupasa
translate fanuca'a
acakneceremu think about, think through
me'enu sound
ico'opela'an tekusina how far
acakneceremu calculate
acak evenne This is where we're up to
ulavariteni carry under the arm
soponpai hunt
Vacumatari hai tarupaha? what time
take hold of / grasp fale 4 join
handle (n) ufalana, valitaru, cau 4 join
let go of tana ete 4 join
let go (hair) etekaure 4 join
Hair ete. Let go. 4 join
hikari cau 4 join
pasta ihufalana 4 join
Hai nau tana ete. They've all died 4 join
hold on to em ipale, acavaiake 4 join
hang on aavaiake 4 join
hang on (to) navaiake 4 join
cling to acavaia-vaiake 4 join