8 intend - government
  suggest halan acita'a taraceru   insist aavaia-vaiake
  tell hare,* acita'a hare ahar   impose / inflict ta'ale
  instruct, direct avevehe   compel / force aranate tu (a)har
  send on, with a message neerecene      
  order / command orden, ahare orocen (n)
  give orders to orocen 'mina, orocen pati harana Tava in heluhanam touru ta'ale
  to send for, summon ahar mau He imposes his will on others.
        An ehare nacun fai. I tell you to do something.
* hare ahare indicative and infinitive forms
  agree, agree with a'aca'a   make a complaint kesare, kesarana fai
  agree/ accept em nita va'anca'a* "em nianca'a"   object tatane
  respond liare object (to an argument) utuca'a
  obey (wish, command) neerepai a'apai   protest tatanca'a
  (person, wish, command) fiare   refuse keluhe
  follow, respond to, obey ihini neeremohe   resist tatanpai
  comply / compliant a'apai   defy / defiant akam ca'um ina
  conform neerepai   So what? po teva'ane?
* have problem, discuss and solve Anir t'ana fai, po teva'ane? I did it - so what?
Ana tava haret la'a kantina mara. I told him to go to the shop.
Tava in heluhanam touru ta'ale He imposes his will on everyone.
Tava irauni hin ipal aranate tu har la'a isikola. For his own good his father makes him go to school.
Toropa touru aranate tu ahar tolunen jampata fai. The troops forced everyone to help make the road.
Kaka tain Dinys avevehe ahar tapa ivi fai. Kaka told Dinys today not to do that.
Moko-mokora inal ipal iheluhana neerepai. The children obey their parents.
Afi teno Uruvacu iheluhana neerepai. We must obey the will of God.
Toropaere inlafai iorocen neerepai. Soldiers obey the orders of their officers.
Ma'ar akam governu ihini neeremohe. People don't obey the government.
Eri akam ahare, xefi ahare. You don't give me orders, the boss gives me orders.
ahar aha-aharana   messenger, person sent to do st.
  moko-moko iaharana   of an age to be told what to do
  orocenu     message, request  
An akam orocen acakmirana.      
An akam aha-aharana I ma'ar lauhana.   I'm nobody's messenger boy.
neerecene, nakatu     take message, take something to someone
Noko la'a Timor mara ana eneerecene.   (Nacun ina, em aparenti ina.)
Ana noko neerecene mana-mana ira unu tapul' mau.      
akatu           (I) give someone money to buy something for (me)
A kota mara po ant en akatu.     As you're going to town, take this and buy me something.
Ant en akatu tu a sorot tapul mau (tapul ememau). I'm giving you this to buy me a book.
  out of control utukauranapali   admit, let in etekaure tu mau
  take control / take charge of ufale fale   ahar mau, etet mau,
  sort out, resolve masupai, ranu fai   restrict loho
  under control (hain) uku masupela'a   confine mucune, horune
  control ukupuhucoto   keeper / warden totonu
  take over acereme luhu eme*      
  dominate ecemohe, domina popone keep children at home
            restrict movement of people
* always has a positive sense
acereme       take over (mostly negative)
luhu eme     take over positive
An' eluhen sirivesi en masupai, nanipo tava an acer hai eme. I wanted to finish this job, but he took over.
Tavar nita lanu hinta, nita luhu eme.   Because they are friends they help themselves
      (make free, see to themselves).
An aci emen uku fai.     Take over for me.  
        command: additional material      
aapai   try
a'apai   follow (instructions)   aciti soule, sik a dog
Uruvacu iheluhana a'apai   acu'umai soule, sik a dog
    to obey the will of God
acuumai acu'utoro   direct (e.g. troops) to take a position
aacuumai     set onto (hunting)  
nacuumai     set onto (hunting)  
Ant' ipar horu la'an em aacuumai. I'll take the dog hunting.
iparum nacuumai   set dog onto    
iparum vaka nacuumai   set the dog onto the deer
Ant' hala acita'a I'm only suggesting
Ant' hala taraceru I'm only suggesting
Luku-lukun ia ana tatane. I object to that statement.
Ana luku-lukun ivi tatane. I object to that statement.