8 intend - government
  can navare, uhule   give up (after trying) apoki
  can function properly navare akam navare   cannot akam uhulen
  may / might ula   need not hair tapa
  let / allow eluhe   it's enough to hai rau
  It's alright to hai rau po   not want to keluhe
  want to eluhe      
        An akam uhulen fai, nau apoki
eluhe   the most common word (= want)    
  An eluhen efai. I need to do this.  
presiza   from Portuguese: require
  Ana eluhe navare hin anta presiza estuda.   As I want knowledge, I need to study.
anahe   look for, be on the lookout for
  torupasa anahe needs a translator  
hair tapa   don't need to    
  Hair tapa leku fai. You don't need to do the garden.
  dare to uhule   must not tapa
  ought to orocen ahar kapare   forbid keluhe, pacu*
  must, have to teno, ahar Vaari ene.   don't tapa
  should teno, ahar   Stop! Inate (tini).
* ban
ete   let, release able, -ible uhulen
Hai nau tana ete. They've all died   rideable uhulen hiape
etekaure   let, let go, release   visible uhulen aci
etet' la'a   let (person) go (somewhere)   reachable uhulen uku
  manageable uhulen fai
Ma'ar eluhe(t) kikie(t) la.   eatable uhulen una
    Is he letting himself get stung?   moveable uhulen mura
    (watching a beekeeper)      
Ant hair kaka imacen naunuku nava, po ana muhare. Vaari ene. Serika unum inae.
I want to eat all my brother's food, because I'm hungry. Don't. Leave a bit (for him).
Vaari ene tapa ana acapai-pai po na sirvesi. Don't disturb me, I'm working.
Ana efale. Ana akam uhule! I can't hold it! Tava ula mau. He might come.
akam navar sirike (chair) doesn't swivel (as it should) Tava ahar efai. He should do this.
Ana eluhe eta malupela'a. I want you to leave. Tava an ahar efai. He said he would do this.
Tavar ta'a ant' ahar hiare. They say I have to pay. Ana hai apoki. I couldn't do it.
Ini har e ale nacanate. We have to look after you (in return). (I tried but I couldn't.)
Afa teno pohe ta rau. We have to cook them Tava hule fai. He can do it.
Auhulen ira vahu rekispe. You dare to cross the river. Ana akam navar una I can't eat
  be likely to coman   ability hulana
  would like to an eluhen   power foritu
  could you uhulen   enable hulanam ina
  have time to ioras ane, itempu ane   disenable hulana mura
  supposed to anat   possible uhulen (iva'ane)
  it's necessary, you have to teno, tenke   impossible akam uhulen
      if possible ten uhulen, ten rau
  optional heluhana hala ta'a hala eceremun   hypothetical naaceanan halanu
  permission lisensa, aanucutana   conditional kondisional
  indulge     unlikely upen akam
  licence lisensa   likely / probable icaene
  authority hulana   inevitably akam ete
  sovereign (adj) jen nate   prospect (lauhana) non
  facility upa-upata'a   duty orocen
  convenient rau   necessary nesesariu
  desirable     requires / demands ucute
  if it's okay rau nar' itua   compulsory opirikasaun
  rau narua   force (n) foritana
Ostaralia coman kelu akam marak tahihini asina. It's likely that Australia will refuse to sign the seabed treaty.
An oras pali tu an akam la'a atamu nava'are. I haven't time to go and visit my aunt.
Ana anat London mara, nanipo an akam ali la'a. I was supposed to go to london, but
Ten rau nar mokor va'an efai. If possible, could you do this?
Sirivesi he-enu nanipo uhulen fai. It's a difficult job, but possible.
En akam opirigasaun po heluhana hal ta'a. This is not obligatory but optional.
Tava in opirikasaun vali-valin pai. He avoids his obligations.
Sirivesi en diploma ucute. This job requires a diploma.
heluhana hala ta'a it depends on your wishes
Ilauhana non rau His prospects are good.
Rohon touru iheceremun ia tapi. Salan Irak na'e ia akam ete.
Everyone's predictions were right. The mistakes made in Iraq were inevitable.
Kina moko en tali humere tu non ma'ar lauhana iraunu.
She is a very diligent child. She'll be a successful person one day.
Presidente iheceremun la'a tribunal internasional upen akam helupai.
It's unlikely the President will change his views about the international tribunal.
Aiaira enae aia rau-rau tu non af' akam eru aci.
As the rains have been good this year, there's no fear of us facing a famine.
        modals: additional material      
Ana macen, akamosile akam navar la'a. When I eat, I'm not able to swallow.
Tava keluhe akam macen. She doesn't want to eat.
Ana keluhe tu (tava) akam malupela'a. I won't let him go out.
Ana keluhe akam malupela'a. I don't want to go out.
Ana keluhe tu ma'ar akam abisikaleta hiape. I don't allow anyone to ride my bicycle.
Analu emanacita'a an ahar dosi ukani hala una po tapa ece. My mother told me I should eat one cake and not two.
navare   Ana akam navar i'ise.   I haven't been able to vomit.
    akam navar la'a   (computer mouse) doesn't move properly
    Tali rata afa akam navar fanuhene. We haven't been able to meet for a long time.
Ana hai aapai nanip an akam uhule.   I tried but I can't do it.  
  an akam uhulen fai.   I tried but I can't do it.  
  note: "uhule." but "uhulen" when something follows.  
Auhule fai po akam aeluhe fai. You can do it but you don't want to do it.
E ten akam nau mau. You must come. (If you don't )
Hair tapa leku fait ali uru unu tini. You don't need to dig the garden until next month.
Timor mocor iheluhana tu jen inukune ia akam ete. The Timorese desire for independence cannot fail.
Tava rohon bisikaleta hai naunuku mura, nanipo tava an hair tapa fai.
He moved all the bicycles, but he didn't need to.
A efai hai rau, tempu ten ane nar enaum tavapai. It's fine when you've done this, but if you have time do this as well.
Mestri anat isikola mocor fanave, nanipo tava tali mautule.
The teacher is supposed to educate his pupils, but he is too lazy.
"must"can be conveyed by a more descriptive phrase:
aranate   force, compel  
aranatana   force, compulsion  
Ana e naranate I compel you you must
Jen in aranaten sirivesi. He is self-motivated, works with drive.