English - Fataluku wordlist 5
8 intend - government
        intend - choose      
      propose em aapela'a
  of its own acccord jen   decide tot ca'a
  tend   icaen   plan palanu
  be inclined   icaen   hesitate e'eneceremu
  strongly inclined coman   can't make up your mind em ece
  trend   eminla'a   change yr mind helu(n) eceremu*
  intend eceremu, eluhe      
        * eceremun helupai or phrase with "po ale"
  intention eceremun   accept semu
  intended, designed (to be) hau pai   choose aacue
  proposal aapela'anu   choice aacuana
  decision lukun rekisana   It's up to you. E hala nanate.
  plan palanu   select a'ile
  policy aturan M   collect horune
  prefer tali eluhe u'ukani(n) aacue select one by one
  favour hici- Tavar nita hicipe. They favour each other.
  favorite ica tali tutunu, tu ica tali tutu hai nau even ca'a has finalised
  biased akam ulunate unu hicica'a em e hau pai designed for this
  impartial ulunate fanu toto judge by appearances
  selective a'ilana fai
Ma'ar akam loke, jen mau. No-one opened it; it came of its own accord. (a pop-up from the internet)
An eceremu ana noup' la'a London mara. I intend going to London tomorrow.
Ana tain eluhen kafe fai hinua, nanipo ant' hai malufe. I meant to make the coffee, but I forgot.
Afa ina una? Ana em ece pai leura ale aca leura. What'll we eat? I can't make my mind up between pork and chicken.
Tavar eluhen la'a, po ale keluhe. They intended to go, but changed their minds.
Presidente ministruere naacue. The President chooses the ministers.
Loinana masurekise, tapa unu hicica'a. The law must be just and not take sides.
Ana an hai la'a London mara, nanipo nacun utumohet [tu] an akam ale la'a.
Ant' an I intended going to London, but something prevented me.
Isikola mocor mestri i'ica tali tutuni ia tava. He is the teacher's favorite pupil.
Mana-mana an ica tali tutunu ia sapurika. Oranges are my favorite fruit.
Tau koirana ia macenu tu anica nau tali tutu. Pumpkin stir is my favorite meal.
GB a'ilana fai la'a ditadorere naanate. GB is selective about dictators. (in relation to)
GB a'ilana fai nu ditadorere hicipe. GB is selective about the dictators he supports.
GB a'ilana fai nu ditadorere kontra. GB is selective about the dictators he opposes.
intend - choose
  avoid valimpela'a valinciele   appoint aacue
  turn down, refuse keluhe ordena   ordain teipae
  turn away / reject (em) uraneure kelu   promote louke, (em) hiamui
  turn away from, renounce hai kelu, hai mura   elect louke, aacue
  opt out akam mucune, malune   election votasao
  ward off, deflect co-opai   vote vota fai, naacuana fai
  distance oneself naco'one   candidate kandidatu
          resign nim ura
vali-valim mohe keep avoiding      
Mana-mana una po'otina naco'one. Eating fruit keeps sickness at bay.
Ana kelu nu akam mucune. I'm opting out. I'm not taking part.
Ana akam festa mucune. I won't be at the party.
  valin-     avoiding      
  valinculeve   avoiding unwanted food on a plate (picking out with a spoon or a fork)
  Ana esasa eme, ana leura valinculeve. I take the vegetables but leave the meat.  
  Ana kurisa valinculeve.   I leave (avoid) the chillies.  
  (Ana aca ucu eme, kurisa emjene. (I take the egg and leave the chilli.  
    Kurisa ivi nae ivi'it "kurisa valinculeve".)     Leaving the chilli there is called "kurisa valincuale".)
  valinkaure   avoiding unwanted food (when picking out with the hand)
To'o arakafale, kaune, afi keluhen micaciele po valinciele. When a glass falls and breaks we don't step on it but step around it.
  Tapa micaciele, valinciele (valimpe). Don't step on it, step around it.  
  tava ilee valimpe   not go to his house (but to someone else's instead)
        intend - choose:additional material      
Afit uman a'acue? Whom shall we choose?
Resifalu ia mai-maise. Resifalu is an honest man.
Tapa micaciele, valinciele (valimpe). Don't step on it, go around.
tava ilee valimpe not go to his house (but smeone else's instead)
Ana coman eheni aaca'a. I'm strongly inclined to agree with you.
akam ahu nacunu indifferent
louke   elect        
Katuasurar hai ta'a afa lafae louke afa nauku horupen aacue ta lafae.  
  Our elders say that, in electing a leader, if we all make our choice together then he is the leader.
Tava jen in louke, tava akam uhulen. If he elects hmself, he has no authority.  
GAM in palanu irata hai mura, nu la'a Indonesia apur istadu nae.
(Gerakan Aceh Merdeka) GAM has changed its longstanding plan, so that it now takes part in the indonesian nation.
Tava iuan hai nupe inara hair nim ura. He does not consider (the suffering of the poor) and so he should resign.