5   appear - examine
  look at toto    
  watch toto   listen vaari
  witness sasi sasinu   listen to vaari
  stare at em iticoto   pay attention aca vaari
  contemplation neeren eceremu   get the attention of em … naacoto
  mystical humaara hini    
  curious eluhe naunuku … papasiare   look around mua toto
  check (over) neerecoto ceke   search (through) neere anahe
  test, try out te-e,  aace-e aapai   explore naunuku toto
  examine neerenaci, uhupai   investigate neere pale
  study, observe mua va'are   find out / discover aci
  observation mua va'are   confirm / verify neicoto, ale toto
        hiacoto look on top
  scientist navarana itinaci give a look
  experiment aapainu tatannaci stare, communicate with the eyes
  monitor vaari toto aka-akanaci finding fault
  take notes uku keere-keere em itinaci give a disapproving look
  record (n) ri'anu neere pale to find out what's  going on
  spy mauhu, piri-piri Tapa anim iti-itinaci.   Don’t keep looking at me.
        An la'a neicoto. I'll have another look.
Tava ia piri-piri ma'ar valin hicipe.
Tapa moko-mokor va'an anim iti-itinaci. Don't be treating me like a little child.
Tapa moko-mokorum itinaci, po ia kapare. Don't look down on the children, it's bad.
Akam mafe'e tu tour' em enaacoto.   It isn't easy, so they're all looking to you (relying on you).
An akaono eelure hinta tour' ta em a naacoto. I'm getting attention because I haven't swept the floor.
Polisi neere(n) anahe. The police are searching.
Portugal rata nasaun lafane micapela'a. In the past, Portugal discovered many countries.
Ana i'a miri la'a Titilare mara hain aci. I've found a new way to Titilare.
Ana hala neerecoto tu hai maise an upe. I just checked it over, to see if it was right or not.
em naace'e lafae ana moko try whether it's too big or too small
Utuatere ta'a-ta'apai tenit rau. Try all three of them and see which is best.
ri'anu (pl)  ri'a-ri'anu st. kept as a record, memento (to show to those who come after)
Ri'a-ri'an en sasinu tu ia ratan tapi ane. This record is witness that it did happen long ago.
examine: additional material
    omens   Ana e te-e. I'm testing you.
  acafote divination, reading omens Ana tutu aace-e. I test the uprights.
  lonia hand gestures that reveal st. An la'a aace-e … I'm going to try it out.
  minin fae sit together to pray, divine, seek protection aace-e Examine
  paifote divination, reading omens em nita nanace-e Compare
em aace-e Try it (to see if it fits)
Tava eluhe nauku neerepale.   He pokes his nose in everywhere.
Tava eluhe inhulam touru utucuculeve.   He wants to know everyone's business
  aanavarana   expert  
Tava itu ma'ar valin inaanavarana.   He's very knowledgeable about the enemy.
Era ikaparana hala nanaavarana.   You're an expert only in making trouble.
Hulana fai(n) nacun iraun unu(n) aanavarana,   Do your best to be an expert in good things, and
  po tapa ikaparana hala(n) aanavarana.   not just in bad thngs.  
Ana la'a ia tapalana tapule, ana numur akam aci, I went to buy some shoes but I couldn't see the size,
inara an' iam aace'e tini. so I tried them on.
Anta lala ceke kaparepo. I checked the thingy, but it was no good.
mauhu spy secret agent informant, secret police (tali) o'ohale  
subversive does not attend to what you say