English - Fataluku wordlist Luku-lukun ilista Ingeris - Fataluku
4 do - make
move (transitive)
  move (cause to move) mohove   start ete
  (change position of) (em) helune, helumore   stop para
  move st. around e'ene   hasten valalpai
  push tuture   delay em aanamai
  pull seile      
  push in mucucuture
  pull out maluseile
  drag* hela      
          attract / draw (nita) nakesi
*also using the computer mouse   repel nita kelu
  (people, animals) (nita) mahane
          kick out, expel em malupela'a, maluneure
  send (someone) har la'a   send away / banish ahar la'a
  bring (someone) horu mau   chase away neure, neur la'a
  take (a person) horu la'a   turn back em fulehe la'a
  send (s.o.) back har fulehe      
  bring (s.o.) back horu fulehemau
  blow (with the mouth) ututefe
  suck timese
          squirt surite
  turn kirihee   blow away sauke
  turn around laru more   flick (e.g. up in the air) vetike
  turn over mira more   knock over tu'upai
Ana kaka isorot helumore, rau? Can I move your papers? larune turn over
Tuture tini, mucumohove. Push it in. laru more flip, turn over
En ahani, ma'ar tapa em e'ene. don't move it laru palamai flip, turn over
Nikinu afi vehe timese. Mosquitos suck your blood laru namai turn around
em aasurite; em mucun surite give it a squirt; squirt it in meja laru namai turn the table around
o'o mucune surite squirt it into the mouth heluco'e turn around
Pari nauku sauke. The wind blows everything away.   (two-ended blade in a knife)
Asu nita mahane, akam nita nakesi. The magnets repel each other, they don't attract.
em fanune   move forward        
em fanucau put in front        
tuumohe   hit and move (move by hitting)      
ia veci-veci   wave foot around, move foot to and fro   (nervous energy when sitting)
pull across, over (to cover) utuseile kurutina utuseile
move (tr)
  spin ku'uce kumai-mai    
  stir   vali-vali, koire koko   raise/ lift/ lift up em hiamui
  shake kohe, roko   lower, let down em isi
  rattle roko-roko   pull up naile
  wave around veci veci i'a veci-veci   lift up (st heavy) emenecene
  waft, move gently pari-pari    
  rock gently ailolole    
  pick up, lift emhiamui Koko ta emura. (hula moko) stir and take out
  carry somone
  put down emarane em isi kai veci-veci wave a pipe around, smoke
  bring ememau somon mau
  take emela'a, ufalla'a Hauli mua kohe. An earthquake shakes the earth.
  get, fetch me
  bring over (em) mara ira naile (ira kuru naen) draw water (from a well)
An t'em mara ana an t'em enacau? Shall I bring it over or put it here?
Ana la'a lee mara pasta me. I'm going home to get my bag.
En inait? Pari somon mau. What's this? Something the wind blew in.
kiriheen ece turn off (by turning) uta flap, wave
kiriheen caru turn on   vili uta, viola uta ring, play (instrument)
kiriheen apame take lid off (by turning) unscrew   lau utanu finished cloth (taix)
    (You flap it about when it's finished.)
naroro   be loaded up with  
Kaka upata'a naroro. (carrying stuff under each arm)
somon mau bring carrying    
Ana ilavan memau. I'll get the money.  
Koise ana ale memau. I'll bring another one.
Kaka efalen la'a? Are you taking this?
sorot memau   bring the letter; the person who brings
mememau   bring regularly  
sorot mememau   newspaper boy (who brings regularly)
Bring that box to me. Kaixa imemau tini. Kaixam emanina tini.    
Take this box to him. Etuu mela'a tava ina tini. (polite)
    Kaixam tava ina.  
Take that box to him. Fan' kaixa imen em tava ina.
      imen = i eme(n)  
Take the bike out of the house. Bisikaleta malucuture. bisikaletaere    
Take the chair into the kitchen. Kadera em capur mucupela'a.    
move from here, out of the way valimpela'a    
move oneself out of the way, avoid valimpela'a    
Take the chair out of the way.    
  I want to clean here. Kadera e valimpela'a, Ant' en a'aseile.    
move (tr)
tuture   carry on the head    
va'ite   basket on the back    
    (secured by strap round the forehead)      
cicika aacau carry on the shoulder (bowl, pot)    
cicika aamore carry on the shoulder (plank, pole)    
tutulake aamore carry across the shoulders    
somone   carry (general) carry in front      
ufale   carry by handle     Ufale rau, saline o rau. (either way)
saline   carry by shoulder strap    
saline   put, carry on the back   Noko pasta salinee, serika panake.
emela'a fanine take it there (to the other room)    
lopo-lopo   carry together    
jen somone carry alone    
laipere   not carrying anything   akam nacun fale  
hu'ute   carry a number of things, fetch, deliver hu'ut mau, hu'ut la'a  
    Anakam uhule po afit lopo-lopo.   I can't do it, let's carry it together.
    Afi kadera hu'ute (mau).   We carry the chairs (carrying one each).
    An tu hu'ut cene.     I'll pass them up here.  
    Ana kadera somone (mau).   I carry a chair.  
    Afi kadera somone (kadera ci'ire).   two carrying one heavy chair.
        Ana em muakafale. I threw it on the ground.
  throw morisa (with anger)
  throw (with aim) ka'ale, aaliliene em kafale throw (w force)
  catch acalai em ehau kafale throw it to you
  throw away morisa ana em morisa. I'll throw it away.
  drop (accidentally) aralaku em araliliene throw it down
  (deliberately) araliliene oco hit
  throw down aracane, arakafale ete miss
em mucukafale drop into
hiamui   raise (e.g. letter into box)
hialiliene   throw up in the air futal kaure fail to catch, fumble
utulere   hit, stop something flying Eacalai! Catch this.
em hiamui utulere throw it up & hit it
uname   catch corom huare throw a spear
utukelese   catch in passing kafale throw against
cipale   catch in passing kale get (mango) by throwing something at it
acalai   catch st thrown to you
hepere pour out
ta'alalare put, pour into
        em aavaia pour, drop in (e.g. eyedrops)
  spill lakute hepere ira hai hepere em aacupu pour, drop in (e.g. eyedrops)
  drain silile I'ira tihe pour away the water
  drain (to dry) patat pai
  pour hepere em nasoite spray on
  pour away tihe nasoitpai spray into
  sprinkle apane em o'o nasoitpai spray into the mouth
  spray nasoite soi-soite mau traffic coming on quickly
  blow ututefe
        em malututefe blowing (chaff) away
move (tr)
  send emela'a ememau   round (for deliveries) alivanere tu sirivesi
  send back fulehe la'a   take with one ufalla'a
  deliver ememau   transport transporte
  bring ememau   return, take back em fulehe
  take emela'a      
* or: manda mau
          cart / wagon karosa
  truck kukule   trailer karosa acavaiakana
  load ci'irinu   trolley ka-kareta, karinyu
  crane (trad.) saka (homonu) *   for carrying babies moco pinanu
  stretcher fa'a-fa'a   wheelchair kareta roda
          pram / pushchair moco kareta
long arm, beam homonu (= somone)      
Emane? Shall I put some in? em ina' verire hang up there
Ana asir lemes emane? Shall I put sugar in it? e.g. hang baloons from ceiling
iram ane put some water in it
eteasa(m) sono inject medicine nokorhinim jene
oromai bury (people euph.) put our brothers' (dinner) on one side
Ana kois' alem fulehe la'a. I'll take it back shortly.
Em noko hau memau Send it to me.
Abisikaleta me mau. Bring my bike here.
Ana (sapurika ira) unum too nae(n) ememau? Shall I bring some in a glass?
Noko upata'a lafane ememau. My sister sent (me) a lot of things.
"mau" from the point of view of the person speaking
Kakahin to'o(m) ehau cene, an aapale. hu'ute take, fetch, deliver a number of items
    Pass your cup here and I'll hold it.   esp. one after the other
Tava ete navaiake. It's hanging in the tree. hu'ut mau, hu'ut la'a  
amaca va'an vaiake hanging like a sloth Kaka hai uku hu'ute?  
    (people always getting up late)     Have you taken them all out? (the bin bags)
move (trans): additional material
rearranging, repositioning things (but not far)
1 things standing up (e.g. the salt cellar on the table)
laru namai   turn around (the other way)      
liar namai   "    
laru palamai turn over (upside down) Ana e laru palamai. I turn it over.
        Ana matar laru palamai.  
em ihau namai move it there    
2 things resting on a surface, but not standing up (e.g. a saucepan on the table)
laru cau            
liar cau          
Poho em ihau cau   move the saucepan (e.g. across the table)  
sorot em ihau more   move the book      
sorot em ihau cau   a number of books on a shelf  
em ihau laku   general, a number of things  
Sorot em ihau laku.   move the books. (just over there)  
Em inamore emeja micamore. Can you put it on the table, please.  
Afa timin kirihe tapa cupu-cupu. We turn off the hot (tap) so that it doesn't drip.
Arapami roko tu e ta em moco-moko ina. Shake the bottle then give it to the baby.
posi neure chase the cat away roso shake out
kuca luka gallop the horse uta shake, flap
em horune gather An' ufal' mau. I'll bring it.
em horunere gather (a number of e.g. animals)
em horuceru gather (people)
hu'umae disperse, dissipate
roko   hold in hands and shake
roso   shake a branch or a cloth, shake out
zoko   shake st. large (eg, beam, a house - lee zoko)
kohe   shake much larger things
Haul mua kohe. The earthquake shakes the ground.
Eteara kohe tu etemana aralaku. Shake the tree to make the fruit fall.