English - Fataluku wordlist Luku-lukun ilista Ingeris - Fataluku
3 Syntactical words
relative, indefinite pronouns
    Masa em morisa, po masa lafanen ono aramariu mucune.
[general] -- Masa em morisa, po masa lafaim aramariu mucune.
    put the big ones in the cupboard.
who (subject) tu
who (object) tu
which (subject) tu
which (object) tu Nehenta ina'i tu ana fai, naunuke tenen hicine. Everything that I've done is on the right.
whose tu i- En it ma'ar tu ana ihipar uca. This is the person whose dog I killed.
indefinite   Umanit muhare va'avin mamin eme. Whoever's hungry can help themselves.
whoever (nehenta) umani Umani(t) kai veci-veci ipar iirik kikie. Whoever smokes, the dog'll bite their bum.
whatever (nehenta) inai(t) Inait lee mucune nau vara. Whatever is in the house, it's all the same.
  (zenakat) ina'i
whichever tenit Tenit tali importantem emere. Prioritise the most important one.
any (at all) nehenta nehenta olot' lakuvare any black bird
whatever nehenta nehenta inaneemana whatever the meaning
wherever, anywhere tena'e Tava la'a tena' caia, ula ivi na'e. He'll sleep anywhere - perhaps there.
wherever te-tenae
whenever nehenta tarute
however naum teva'a(ne) o
however nehenta
for whatever reason nehenta inai o
Whatever happens Tar te nau va'ane o
( )-ever ( ) hala ta'a tarut a mau hala ta'a just whenever you come.
Ula umanit emanina. Somebody gave it to me.
Eculutielenim tenae. Put your bribe wherever you like. (rejecting it)
Mar tenae. Go wherever you like. (dismissive)
Ana akam vonu mara. I'm not going anywhere.
A naum teva'apai o mana pale However you do it there's no produce.
Naum teva'an ca'a o tava vaari nekule. However I speak to him, he gets angry.
Nehenta inait a ta'a o an akam fiare. No matter what you say I don't believe you.
Nehenta ihira tarupaha o an akam pura. However much the price, I'm not selling.
Ina-inai nauku enae. There's all kinds of stuff here.