English - Fataluku wordlist              Luku-lukun ilista Ingeris - Fataluku
3  Syntactical words
interrogative  words
      A te eluhe?           Which do you want?
[interrog. indicator] te   Te ilata?       Where is (she) from?
[question] ten   Kaka ten elu?    Do you want some?
[indirect question] ten   Kaka ten muhare, noko acita'a. If you get hungry, tell me.
[question] la*   Kaka hai mau la?*  Has he come?
who umani   Umani(t) tain ecaru?     Who opened this?
whose umanihini
what ina, ina'i   Lata eni inee ina'i?
which te,    teni   Teni(t) a eme?    Which one will you take?
      Kaka ira'u teni?   Which plate is yours?
where tena'e
where (to) te mara   Tava hai la'a temara?
where (from) tena'en   Kareta tenaen la'a Dili mara?   Where does the bus leave for Dili?
when tarute
how (to manage) teva'apai   Teva'apai ta rau?  How to manage it / sort it out?
how teva'ane Afit' em teva'apai? What can you do about it?
why teva'ane tua
how far, to what point te'even afa em te'evenpai how far we got (in a job)
la:  spoken with a falling (not rising) tone at the end of the sentence
  Tarute t' eta alavanu t' acevere hiare?   When will you pay back the money you borrowed?
  first tu (t') is periphrasis = that        cf:  quand est-ce que?  
Umanihini? Whose are these? teni   which; what
Umanitu who is that? Eheni imaisina teni?    What's your reason?          
Umanafu tu hai mau? Who (pl) 's that? Teni(t) a eluhe?   Which do you want?           
Programa ina'i? En ina'i?  tenii        where
  What's this (program)? A hai(l) tenii?   Where have you been?  
  when Inait te elita toe? What's in your basket?
      (a polite conversation maker when you
      meet someone e.g. coming from market)
    Te ale me? Which one are you taking this time?
   when we are doing something      
tua Afi na'e o ma'ate cipi-cipi afi eluhe, ma'ate tua. because                      
tua Kaka coman hai muhare tua?   question:  Maybe you're hungry?
tua Ana po'ote tua.   also marks the answer
ina hinua?               why  (did it happen)?  
inahin      Inahin a fai tu ana tahane? Why do you make me suffer?
    (T   Tansa mak o halo hau terus?)    
how many / much tarupaha
how….? tenauva'an(e) …?    tenau va'an valalae,  co'one? how fast?   how far?
What (is it) like? Ia teva'ava'ane?
what kind of? Ina …?
Isn't it? Ivaane la?
interrogative words
ina'i(t) what?
Ana po'ote. Ina'it panake? I'm ill.     What's hurting?
Porograma ina'i?   En ina'i?  What's this (program)?   What's this?
          Ana akam navare. Ana caru: fatatere hai ane.                    I don't know.  I turned it on and there it was.
umani(t) who?
Nokor umani(t) eluhe ira tutu?              Who wants some water?  (speaking to younger members of the family)
The interrogative "ten" serves indirect questions, becoming an interrogative conjunction (= if).
Kaka ten tali eluhe, noko la'a tapule. If you really want some, I'll go and buy it.
Utuatere ta'a-ta'apai tenit rau. Try all three of them and see which is best.
Tarute t' eta alavanu t' acevere hiare? When will you pay back the money I lent you?
first tu (t') is periphrasis = that       cf French:  quand est-ce que?