English - Fataluku wordlist Luku-lukun ilista Ingeris - Fataluku
3 Syntactical words
demonstrative pronouns
this, these e(n), ene Ana e ria, en una. I'll put this back and eat this one.
that, those i(n), ivi After ivi una. We'll eat that.
that, those * fonini * when you're able to point to it / them
    efai do this
that (matter, subject) ia ifai do that
that one ivi'i Ineri. That is for you.
this one eni
this one that one ia ia Ia rau ia kapare. en kapare this is bad
in kapare that (thing) is bad
enia, enenenia en + e + ia (periphrasis) this is ia kapare that (situation) is bad
Ia malare, in(t) akam malare. Eni'i? Is this it?
That's spicey, that one's not. Ivi'i. That's it.
En ina'i? What's this?
(action) like this eva'a(ne) Em eva'apai? (do it) like this?
(someone) like this eva'ane tava en this person
(someone) like that iva'ane tava in that person
Eacu? Ho, iacu. This much? Yes, that much.   eacu emenae put so much in
Eacu rau? Is this enough? (showing the amount in the cup) eacu eme take so much
Eacu tali lafane. Noko ilanra akam eacu(m) hiare. (tasa)   eacu ale nae put so much back
      This is too much. My friends don't pay this much. (tax) iviacu that many
(some chairs not to be moved)    
En rau. This is ok.    
In rau. That's ok.    
Ia rau. They're ok.    
En (in) o rau. This (that) one's ok too.  
enia this is inia that is
Enia ina ihini? What is this for? Inia alee. That's my house.
Enia tua too. Enia kafe too. Inia ahani. That's mine.
Enia sorot halivana. (a shelf)    
Enia mana-mana(m) ane. (fruit bowl)    
enenenia Susuka enenenia, ineemana em ususeke.
here enae
  enii, eni Tava lar ukane hai mau enii. They've been here twice.
(to) here ehau Sorot em ehau manda. Send the letter here.
there fonine
there inae, ivinae, ivi'i el ivina'e el ivi'i right there
now karua
then ivi nae Ivi nae on miri. It was new then.
then ivineere, ta ta Tava nau po'ote ta tava ta para. When he's sick, then he'll stop.
thus eva'ane, iva'ane
demonstrative pronouns: additional material
foninaen from there enacau put here karuen(e) now
Sorot foninaen mau. Bring it from there. enamire sit here Karuen(e) an ica hai tutu.
ehau to here Eni ane? Eni ane. Is it here? It's here.   Now I like it. (I used not.)
Lapizera ehau cene. Pass the pencil here. ele ivina'e right there    
I hala va'ane? Is that all? (done) kinamok ini that child
E hala va'ane. That's all.
Susuka enia ineemana em ususeke.
Afa e me tava pohe? Do we cook it with this? The purpose of this fork is to pick.
Umani tain em ivi nae? Who left it there? Susuka ene, ineemana em ususeke.
Aniri, ana tain em ivi nae. I did - I left it there. This is a fork, it's purpose is to pick.
Ana nau po'ote t'anta para. When I'm sick, then I'll stop.
Tava nau po'ote ta para When He's sick he'll stop.
Nau kapare t'e ta mau. When things are bad you'll come.
Nau kapare t' eta mau. (tu e ta) When things are bad you'll come.
Ana lee o'o caru t'anta mau. I'll go and open the door, then I'll come.