English - Fataluku wordlist              Luku-lukun ilista Ingles - Fataluku
2   number - happen
position    inana
  position inana,   acaknen   centre ulumuha
  lie, be in a position jete   fringe, periphery mininana
  beginning taratara(ne)   cluster nita horune
  middle ulumuha minine   surround (general) mini-minine
  end ihula   surround (w. people) porose
  it goes …    --  , mara   marginalise luhpai
  in the middle ulumuha nae, ulune   context ineemana
  at the end ihula nae   layer totolu
  enae   here      
  ivi nae   there   inside mucune
  hicine   in a (specified) position    outside malune
  hicipe   towards,  in a (specified) direction   on the right tenen hicine
  ehicine   over here   on the left velika hicine
  fonin hicipe in that direction    ahead emerne
  tenen hicipe (move) to the right   behind upu nae
  velika hicipe (move)  to the left   around (the corner) utane
  tenene   the right      
  velika   the left
  etoe(t)   emucune(t)   reach out (to) tanam acicene
  Etoe(t) ana aci. I found it in here.   reach uku
  Emucune(t) ana aci. I found it in here.   overreach talikaure
  within reach (tana)peren mucune
  out of reach (tana)peren taline
  distance ico'onana
  go / extend to nau la'a      
  range / scope evenana   (distance) away nacoone
  gap leetana   from (distance) naen la'a
          apart (distance) me / naen nita nacoone
  for ...(distance) hai
          go near, approach hai karune
   far (adv) co'one   keep away from em co'one
  a little way karune   aaco'one
  distant (adj) co'one      
  close / nearby (adj) karune
  far from nacoone ulumire sit(ting) in the middle
  near karune hula-hula mire sit(ting) at the end
  next to itane mucunana the inside
        Imucunana hai kaune. It's broken inside.
Meza en valikina mara. This table goes in the corner. toropa suku porose troops surround the village
Sorot en enau nae. The letter is just here Afa akam uku.   We can't reach.
Kadera en foni mara. This chair goes over there.
Ana nim pai lopon aaco'one.
Dosi en totol tarupaha?  How many layers has the cake? I keep away from the pigsty.
Ira ver kota minine.  A river surrounds the town. Ana nim kaparanan aaco'one.
Ira veru Oxford mini-minine.    There's rivers all around Oxford. I keep away from trouble.
position      inana
     s               pl nim ijetpai   lie down nim i'imore,  taia
  stand up nate          nehere   lie taia-taia
  (be) stand(ing) inate          inehere   lay (vt) i'imore
  stand (vt) namai        iri   get up cure
  sit down imire         cuare   set up,  put up namai
  sit amire        acuare   pull down araseile
  sit (be sitting)  -mire        -cuare   push over tu'upalahe
  sit (vt) em imirpai   knock over tu'upai
  bend (vi) namini   upright masu-masu
  bend down, stoop suke,  kuare   horizontal homirjete
  droop lapise   lean manie
  lean over rupujete   tilt, lean (vt) em aamanie
  lean against namanie   lean against (vt) tatan manie
  kneel culun namai   hold up, support ufale
  crouch kukulmire   tip over (vt) osi
  squat titipou-pou mire   fall over icane
  slouch kuar' mire,  kuar' nate      
          be, lie, remain jete, more
  hang up (vt) (em) vaiamai   move (change position of) helucau,   helumore
  be hanging (vi) vaiake e.g. from ceiling   move (change position) fanune
  take down em isi   leave em…nae, more
  lean out of (vi) malunaci      
  hang out of (vt) maluvaiamai Afa ete. We'll leave it.
        Afam aanamai. We'll leave it.
Ana kinamokom enacu'umai. I sit the child (apart) here.        Enanate. Stand here.
Ana tavarum inacu-utoro. I sit them (apart) over there.       ana imire I sit there
nita valin cu-utoro swap around  a imire you sit there
Ana kaka isorot helumore, rau? Can I move your papers?        tavar icuare they sit there
Afiter nehere?               Shall we get up? (after a meal) Em eneere namai. Put it next. (lining up)
savi emvaiamai            hang up the key Ana eva'an namai. I set it up like that.
  jete, kafale placed, lying taza, taia lie, sleep
Tenaet a aci? Where did you see it? miracaia lie on your back
   In kafale.    Lying there.    lalircaia lie on your side
Lapizera ejete. The pencil is (lying) here. hapalakcaia lie on your front
sorot inkafale a letter lying there
em vaiamai hang up (e.g.on peg)
mira-mira   sprawling, relaxed hiane put up (book on shelf
mira-mira jete lie sprawling but also hang up: Ana savim hiane.
kadera mira mira mire sit relaxed, legs spread vacue hang out (clothes)
natum hapalamai lie on your front
natum hapalamain la'a crawl along the ground
em micanamai put st. standing on a surface
Cipi-cipi meza micanamai. Put the (vase of) flowers on the table.
Suku ilafae enamire.  The leader of the community sits here.
Ula hai rata pohe more.  The spoon was on the saucepan for some time.
Jilera puhu jete / more.  It's on top of the fridge
position      inana
  put / place em ... cau,   em…nae   put here emenae
  put in (to st. small) em … to'e   put there eminae
  put in, add emane   put in here emetoe
  put together horucau   put (on) here emenae
  stack, stacked totole      
  put / place / arrange ria Leme-lemese em enae. Put the sweet things here.
  put (transfer from A to B) me        A fa'am inae.   Put mine there. (my share)
A hai'm tenae cau? Where did you put them?
Ana hai me apolasa nae.  I put them in my pocket.
polasa, kopu to'e: put in your pocket, the cup
Ana asir lemes emane tini.  I'll put some sugar in.
em nita a'aruka    put (tables) together
put Very often what we would call a preposition is used, with "em" making it a transitive verb.
  nae (at, in), is also a verb: to be at, in   em makes it transitive:  put
  "em" may become "-m" attached to the object, an auxiliary (e.g. hai) or other word
nae   (to be) at, in             em nae    put emenae   put here            kareta minam ane     put oil in the car
em...nae Em fonin nae, kaixa nae. Put it there, in the box. common
em ...laku    Umani(t) e(m) enalaku?  Who put these here? roots for "put"
em otoe Etepoko arauane mucune em otoe. Put it in the bottom drawer. nae
em …cau Emenacau.  Eminacau. Put it here.  Put it there. ane
utucau cf. utukaure, utuciele put in front of,   cau
  Leura papakana fornu to'e. The roast is in the oven. toe   (sing)
      foe    (pl)
  Leura papakanam fornu to'e Put the roast in the oven. otoe
  Kaka i'ira lakuvare ecau. Your coffee is here. ria
  Ira lakuvarem enacau. Put the coffee here. ura
    ("nae" is combined with "cau": -nacau)      
more place, lay em micamore   put, lay it flat on a surface
    Ana'm inamore.   I'll put them there.  
    masumore   lay together (to make an orderly pile of)
    Ana masumore, kaka tapa malufe. I'll gather them together so you don't forget.
more Can mean simply "put", but in this case the focus is on the act of putting, rather than where.
  Kaka ira'um micamore. My brother invites me to put my plate on some others he is taking to the sink.
    (Put the plate here.) i.e. the emphhasis is on putting (I might have kept it or taken it myself.)
  Kaka ira'um enacau / enae. I'm already looking where to put it, and he tells me where.
    Ana bisikaleta fulehe mau, emenacau. I'm putting the bike back here.
    Ana bisikaleta fulehe mau, emenairi. I'm putting the bikes back here.
me   Ana hai me ra'u nae.   I put (it) on your plate.  
to'e   sorot to'e   put the letter in  
fo'e   soroti(t) envelop fo'e pati put letters in envelopes to distribute
otoe   em otoe   put it in, into  
emane   kafe asir lemes emane put in, add to  
    ali fai, tapa emane.   Next time you do it (make me a coffee)
     don't put any (sugar) in.
morisa, mosira  throw        emenamosira   throw it here  
hepere, lake       throw, pour toropam Timor nalake                 pour troops into Timor  
position      inana
em...nae:   na'aceana tavane Put: further examples       
En em tenae?   Where shall I put this?  
Em foni nae.   Put it in there.   (pointing to a table in the next room)
Em te toe?   Where shall I put it?  
Em kaixa toe.   Put it in the box.    
Ana em anina nae toto tini.  I'll put them (glasses) on my eyes to try them out.
emane   put, add to      
Noko ale mucu salada nau 'mane? Shall I put the salad in the rice? (dishing up)
em … hiane   Other prepositions can also do the work of "put":
Ana haim (hai em) mecen hiane.  I put it upstairs.    
eminae   Ana sorot halam' inae.  (halam = hala em) I only left a letter there.
hiacau   Ca'u hiacau.      Put it on your head.  
micacau   Kopu meza micacau.    Put the glass on the table.
micairi (pl)   Kopuerem meza micairi.     … glasses ...  
mucucau   Kaka eluhe ana lee mucucau?   Do you want me to put it into the house?
arauane   Em meza arauane.     Put it under the table.  
(ara)uacau   Em meza arauacau.     Put it under the table.  
    Em uacau.     Put it underneath.  
    En em meza arauacau.   Put this under the table.
  (classic language) Kaixa ime em meza arauacau.   Put the box under the table.
    Jilera mucupemau.     Take it out of the fridge.
    Potilim jilera mucu malupemau.   Take the bottle out of the fridge.
    Mokor va'an em meza micane.   Can you put it on the table?
acacene   tana(m) ira acacene     put hands under running water
    nim ira acacene     put yourself under falling water (shower)
to'e   tana(m) ira to'e     put your hands under (still) water
fo'e   tana(m) ira fo'e     put into water for a long time, soak
    (mana-mana tua fo'e)      
    em ira to'e ta ka'are     put in water to cool it  
laku   Sorot mece laku.     Put the book on top.      (lay)
    Sorot ara laku.     Put the book underneath.
so mara   Eme ehau so mara.     Put it, pass it over to this side. (arr. colours on a taix)
Words for "put" (eminae, emenae, more etc) can mean "leave".
Em e hiamore.     Put (leave) it here.  (on the table, on the telly)
Tapa eminae(t) rata. Ula ivaci hai tali. Don't leave it there too long. It may go out of date.
Ica'm ivi nae.  Leave some there.  (Don't take them all.)
Ma'ar itelira ihini hala 'menae.  Only leave other people's (letters) here (not ours).
Ana sorot enamore.  I left the letter here.
em i liliane leaving it there (lying around)
Tapa va'arim otoe. Don't leave it (in) there.  (referring to chicken left in the oil)
Umani tain em ivi nae? Who left it there earlier?
Aniri ana tain em ivi nae. I left it there earlier.
  Ana esorot haim eskritoiu nae. I put your letter in the office.
  Ana esorot haim eskritoriu nae. I left your letter in the office.
  Ana esorotum eskritoriu namalufe. I left (forgot) your letter …
position      inana
  put in (to st. bigger) mucucau   put in front of utucau
  put in (to fill)* (em) polu em polu   put outside malucau
  put in, add emane   put in, bring in (em) mucune, tavane
  put on(to) hiacau   put down em ine
  micacau   put (to tidy),  put away ria
  micane em uracu'umai   take away, remove em uramore
  put under uacau em helune   replace, put back alim halivanane
  put over, above puhu cau   return, take back em fulehe
*e.g. pillow in pillow case Hair emine. Put it down.
mucucau   put into micacau   put onto
mucucane   drop into, fall into micacane   drop, fall onto
mucukafale throw into micakafale   throw onto
      micaliliene   throw onto
Ana ina leu anina micacane. An eyelash has got onto (=into) my eye.
Ana hai'm meja hiacau. I put it on the table.
A em tenae cau?  Ana hai'm meja micacau. Where did you put it?  I put it on the table.
Ana ra'u moko ememau ihafam micane. I'll get a small plate to put the bones on.
Em meja uacau. Put it under the table.
Ina iram kusu polupai. We filled up the jar with water.
Ia hu'ut la'a o rau po kulis ali maun em halivanane. It's okay - you can take it, but bring it back later.
  put in em mucune   fix, put into place mucucuture
  insert (e.g. needle) sono   leave em … nae
  gets into mucu(pela'a) *   remove em uramore
  slot, pocket in wallet lita no   take out, pull out apame, lahume
  bookmark sorot marakana   put aside, on one side (em)jene
  put on emane alim halivanane   replace, put back (em) fulehe
  sprinkle liri   leave behind (accidentally) namalufe
          leave behind (on purpose) em inae,  em inete
* Aca anina mucucapi. Smoke gets in my eyes.      
* Ira sapatu mucupela'a. Water gets in his shoes.
          lay out (items) micalaku,  micahu'ute
  take eme   spread levere
  take away emela'a   spread aaseile
  take off, take out em ura   spread out / over em … auf laku, ruse
  move aside, out of the way em uramore   be scattered (over)  … auflaku
  take, pull out apame   concentrate  (items) horulaku
  take out(side) em malucau                     (people) horupela'a
  take in em mucucau                    (animals) horuneere
  cover utupae,  ta'ale   hang up em vaiamai
  uncover, expose caru       pl.    em verire
  lid ihutupaen   be hanging vaiake
  lid of a bottle sulina   take down em isi
  screen kurutina      
bury naru uru
kerem ta'ale cover with a kere (palm umbrella) dig out (em) malukaure
lau sekuru    sheet, cover (also ceremonial dress) dig up em urakaure
position      inana
  at nae   on top of puhune,   hiane
  in mucune   over, above puhune,  mecene
  within mucune   under uane,  arauane
  (move) within mucupe   below lefene,  arauane
  outside malune   up above (out of reach)  lalune (afa akam uku)
  (move) outside malupe   high (overhead) lalune
  on micane, hiane akane   high up lalu-lalune
  off vali,    akam hiane   low (overhead) kava
malunehere stand (pl) outside Posi meza valine. The cat's off the table.
  to [dative]  …aci   towards (i)hin mara / mau
  to (go) mara   across, over tali
    ulanen   along ulan,   ulampe
  into mucupe   against (position) tatane
  out of malupe  against (pressing, hitting) tanune
  onto hiape minine   around porone,  porumpe
  to, up to hirohe   through neere
  off valimpe   throughout aufne
  for, to, towards hau   of,      …'s i-
  against, avoiding valin   belonging to hini, ihini
ete matar akalauhe tree growing on the rocks
Akam uane po em puhune. Not underneath, put it on top.
halivana nita puhu-puhu caiatere bunk beds
puhune put on top of
Ineem puhune. Put it on top of number six. (stacking items)
(pohu) nita aacau (saucepans) stacked on one another
Tava anaci aperecua ucute. He asks my pardon.
taliciele, taliloke step over, jump over
E Kaka hau.  This is for you
En teihini?  En umanihini? Where is this from? Whose is this?
mini-minine           all around (and through) e.g streams of  ariver going around and cutting through a town
minine           around e.g. a loop of a river going "around" a town
ulanen all along step off the bus bis nanaraciele  (nae-ara)
nel nae    up to the sky meza hia aracane fall off the table
akam lista mucune / lista namalune   off the list
lalune   the attic
mecene   upstairs hau   for, to, towards
arane,   mua nae downstairs Umani(t) afi lan hau xa fai?
Kaka lan hau sorot kere-kere?
poron-poron all around kafa hau mohe going towards eight
poron-poron kaure:  reaching from all around kafa hai itane It's nearly eight.
poronpe   mundu poronpe haupelaa go to (eg for help)
Kaka haupelaa.  Tava eceremunum ina.
akane   directly     Go to your brother.  He will advise you.
Cele matar akalauhe.  ...growing directly on the stone. Tava anahau, ehau xa fai.
aka-akanaci look straight at Ana tava hau xa fai.  
position      inana
  in front of fanu acane fanu hicine    
  in front of  (blocking) utune   this side of ehicine
  be in the way utune   the other side of … sain hicine
  facing ifanu   up to, as far as evene
  behind upu nae (upu) hicine   beyond taline
  face fanum ina   beside efene,  afane
  turn yr back on upu(m) ina   onto, touching tanu,   tanune
  vehene on the edge of
  in the middle, amidst apane
next to, beside   between, among lotune
minine    eminine, iminine, jilera minine   among narane
hicine     em hicine?    (put it) next to this?       
itana acamore put it to hand, close by space between (walls, trees)   leetana
lee hafarika the house next door
lee nita tavanana terraced houses i'a utune in the way, blocking (e.g. a path)
lee nita horunana terraced houses   but also merely "in, along"
Ana i'ia utune o ana hai eece.
    I've also switched off the ones in the corridor.
  from naen   in mucupe
  by neere   out malupe
  with (accompany) horu   up hiamuin
  with apur   down isi
  with (in conjunction) fe   apart, separately jepe, jene
  with (instrument /     together nita horupe
  in connection with) me   neighbouring nita itane
  without akam    
Ana e nokor me naneceremu.     I trust you with the children.
ifanu utucau    puts it in front of him
kaka (n)upu(m) ina turns his back on
Iupu nae akam nacuni. It doesn't matter if it's at the back.
Hai lotunate an upe? Is it gettting to the end?
lotucoto watch intermittently, at intervals (e.g. series)
apa eecen nita afane two mountains side by side
Tava itu touru naranen tali lohai. He is the tallest among them all.
ileetana nae:  Baucau Dili Lospala ileetana nae. Baucau is in between Dili and Lospalos
… ihalivana nae in …'s place jen: alone
lee o'o utune blocking the door Ana jen ahoru luku-luku.          I'm talking to myself.
Ula sirivesi hinua.  Probably it's about work. A jen ehoru luku-luku.             You're …
Ana jen efai. I'm doing this by myself.
ahorupe mara  go with me
panarika fe nava  eat it with ginger
Afa e me tava pohe?  Do we cook it with this?
fatacutu on (its) own
nita tavane together, at the same time
position      inana
       -ne  -pe verbal / positional endings
  The ending -ne signifies being in some position.  That is, it is verbal as well as prepositional. There is great flexibility
     in Fataluku from this doubling up (from a European point of view).  It adds to the supple clarity of the language.
  mucune   (be) in   co'one (situated) far away
  mucupe   into   co'ope (go) a long way
  malune   outside   fanune in front of
  malupe   (go) out of   fanupe forward
  hiane   on   nae at
  hiape   move, travel on   nape- to
Abisikaleta lee mucune. My bicycle's in the house. meza hiane on the table
Afa mucupela'a. Shall we go in.   bis hiapen la'a go by bus
  leempela'a   go home   kuca hiape ride a horse
          Ico'opela'an tekusina? What is the distance?
  Some "prepositions" which are not so literally describing position do not use (or not always) the -ne ending.
  hau for   horu with (a person)  
  haupe towards   horupe (go) with  
  Further flexibility comes from using the particle "em" (-m) which makes the positioning or the movement transitive.
  Em lee mucune. Put it in the house.   enae be here
          emenae put here
  fanumela'a   keep going forward   em malupela'a take it outside
  fanupela'a   resume going forward   em malupe   take it by an outside route
Kaparana ane, nanipo valpal fanumela'a.                          (e.g. not through the house)
    There are problems, but keep going forward.      
  in spite of tara … o   according to (rpt) … ahar
  instead of ana … nanipo   according to (circ.) naanate
  replacing, in place of helupain   to … ,   in …'s view acakne
  because of  … hinua   about (re) hini
  through, by means of neere   regarding,  
  on behalf of ineemela'a*    in connection with ia'amaran hin,  nanate
  for the sake of .. hinua   for, in respect of la'a
  thanks to iraunu … hinua      
        fait la'a eece applies to two things
* classical lang.: inee somone
Tar timine o ana la'a bola tiele. In spite of the heat, I'm going to play football.
Ant' ana la'a Lautem mara, nanipo ant' hair Asalainu mara. Instead of going to Lautem, I went to Asalainu.
Ilan irauni hinua tava in hisikola haim saipai. Thanks to his friend he managed to go to school.
Rahin afi luku-lukun ia'amaran hin anta enaceru. I'm calling you about our conversation yesterday.
Ma'ar itelira helupain sirivesi. Someone else got (my) job.
Semunu la'a toropa hai tara-tara. Recruiting for the army has begun.
narapai la'a rau take over (with good results)
narapai la'a kapare take over (with bad results)
acane   matching, on a level with, in line with   acak: basic meaning is "match"
  acakne     "acakne" ia ukan hala (singular)
          "aca-acakne"  lafane (plural)
Muaocavar acakne cele tue, risku akam importante po nita naconana hala.  
    To natives, planting the corn along a line is not important, only the distance apart.
Padre'ere acakne celem risku ulancue tali importante.    
    To the priests, planting the corn in a line is very important.
Emer imarak fai kois ta em aca-acakne.       Mark them (with a colour) and then match them up.         
position: additional material     inana:  upata'a itavanana
unum etoe put one in here ia(m) hiane   to put your feet on (footrest)
ecum fonifoe put two in there Ana unum inete. I left one of them behind.
… hiane be on leru-lerue lie tossing and turning   
Tava bis hiane. He's on the bus.              kere micanate / falanate  stand on the line           
more examples of "put"
En rau em micamore.   That's right, put it in (there).
ita'cau   put next to    
Kaka ikafe ana em komputer ita'cau. I put your coffee by the computer.
upata'a capur mucuria   put the things in the kitchen
En em tavane, em otoe.   Put these together and put them in (the envelope).
Ukanim tavane 'm otoe.     Put each pair together and place in (the envelope).
more             put, leave (lying flat)    
O! Ana em inamore.           Oh! I've left it out there. (in the car)
more             lay, put on (a level surface)    
Ana kaka isavi emore.           Shall I put your key here? (on the desk)
em utucoe             put in between (to separate)    
em aramari mucune           put them in the wardrobe    
e nau nae             stay here    
En ta inae             Leave it there.    
i hala nae             just there    
Ma'ar mau emenae.           They're coming to put them here.  
Ma'ar mau emenalaku.           They're coming to put them here.  
Tavar nauken itoe.           They're shut up in there (in a cupboard) doing nothing.
positional verbs: singular and plural
nate (vi) nehere stand    
micamore (vt) micacepere lay flat (e.g. on a shelf)
    em nita micacepere lay, stand on top of one another (e.g. shelves)
micanamai (vt) micairi stand up on    
responses from two different Fataluku speakers
Noko em otoe, kaka ta em ura. I put it in, you took it out.
Ana em mucune, a em malune.    
lau poho puhukafale   put a cloth over the saucepan
lauluka em puhu utupai    
lau'm ropoke   put a cloth over it  
laulukam en ivi nae      
esasa kintal na' apame   take vegetables out of the garden
modo pala naen modoasa me    
Ana em tenae ria?  Em ina'iri. Where shall I put them?  Put them there.
Tava la'a em tenae?  La'a em faninae.    
unum fulehe       put some back    
unum ali fulehe ica alim fulehe      
poron-poron kaure reaching from all sides
kota porumpe (moving) around the town
tatan valin in opposite directions, against (but valin also means
nita tatan soite flows in opposite directions                "avoiding", "going around"
nita valin soite flows in opposite directions                   valinciele: step around)
position: additional material       inana:  upata'a itavanana
kusina   length, distance   teru Noko la'a teru inae.
tekusina? ekusina       … not going far.
Meihara tekusin ane? What is the distance to Meihara?
totolu (layer):  generation        
Ma'ar lauhana hai totol tarupaha?     What generation are these people?  (e.g. immigrants)
teacakne? what position? loinate standing straight
Teacak nate? What position does he play? kail' nate slouch
An acaknen kapare. I have a serious problem nim amini lean on
An acaknen akapare I have a very serious problem nim koco namini lean on the wall
An acaknena ono kapare. I still have a serious problem masu-masu mire masu nate
Kaka ilee teacakne? What's the position of your house? nim tafa knock (yourself)
Ete e'ecane the trees bend Ana nim vaihula namanie.
Pari ete sune tu e'ecane.  The wind blows the trees till they bend. I lean against the window.
rupujete bend (and remain bending)
Ana suken lita me (eme). I bend down to pick up the bag. ukusina act of reaching
Amuacauvele enaen nau la'a fon' apa hirohe. My land extends from here to those mountains.
Afa metru ec me / naen nita nacoone. We keep two metres apart.
Noko atana tu'upai tu ana sorot haim kapar kere-kere. You knocked my hand so that I made a mess of my letter. 
E kere, em e  tavane, ehau manda. Write this, put this in with it and send it here.
Lee tutu fate ia ineemana lee amu fale hinua.        
            The function of the four pillars is to hold up the main body of the house. 
aleret' kesi hammer into place
vehe edge (only in compounds)   vehemire sit on the edge
vehene on the edge   tahivehe the coast
Et mokor va'an em e mara po a vehemire.   Please take this over there because you're sitting on the edge. 
        (I can't get out.)  
Kolejio Santa Ilda iraverin ehicine. St Hilda's College is this side of the river.
Kolejio Magdalen iraverin fonihicine. Magdalen College is the other side of the river.
Kaixa em meza uacau. Put the box under the table.
Potil jilera mucune memau.  Get the bottle from the fridge.
Ifamilia neere hinta ta sirivesie aci.   (ta = tava) He got this job through his family.
Et an' la'a Baucau mara, ipo et hail' Dili mara. Instead of going to Baucau, you went to Dili.
Ical a ant' presente emina, nanipo lavan haim ina. Instead of a present my grandfather gave me money. 
Tar e'eleve o ana la'a ira palise. In spite of the cold I'm going for a swim.
Neemana tenhin tavar ta oore? icar      at a remote distance (e.g. abroad)
 What's the context of their argument?   so far away that it's not specifiable,  deep / far inside
icarne far away
Fanu acane (kere)! (Write it) in front! Tava hai nau icarne. He's gone far away.
Jornal ahar Ma'ar un …. According to the paper, someone icar nae take a deep breath
isaparaun hinua through his kindness ica-icar caia be sleeping deeply
Tava hai nau icarcaia. He's sleeping deeply.
position: additional material       inana:  upata'a itavanana
I want to sleep but I can't lie down. ta t'ivi nae leave it there
An eluhe taia nanipo an akam navar icaia. em ivi nae leave it there
meza hiane left it on the table
aanate standing on its own, freestanding
nau jen nate standing on its own, freestanding
em iacune lay over there
ana hai fanune I've moved em iaufne spread over there
Noko, em ta'ale Cover yourself with this. acu-acune sprinkle
acupe (going) all over
Guvernu ta'a ia pompa ata-atare London nae lafane.
The government says that there will be many bomb attacks in London.
Ipain ihiaraun hinua tava iacaknen hai maispai. Because of his uncle's generosity, his problem is now solved.
lahume   pull out quickly   suke,  kuare bend down, stoop
em aalahume jerk out (e.g. tooth)   cul(u) namini stretch a leg
Moko-mokor i vahin joko-jokot' inal naum aalahume. (jen) naanamini stretch (yourself)
The mother gives her children's tooth a tug and jerks it out. (n)i'a peke stand on tip-toes
ni'a peken la'a-la'a go on tip-toes
aanehere   stand on,  connect  
hafa nita-aaneherana joints of the bones   ete leave (by mistake)
nita cicika aanehere standing on each other's shoulders Ana haim inanete. I left it there.
meza hianete left on the table
laku put, lay Sorot mece laku.   Put the book on top.  
    Sorot ara laku.   Put the book underneath.
  lie An akam lee riat' upata'a iauf laku.      
            Since I haven't been tidying the house, there's things all over the place.
peren     reach      
em atana peren valincau Take it out of my way.  
Tapa peren utumire.   Don't get in my way.   Don't sit within my reach.
valincumai    -cu-utoro  (pl) take away,   separate  
em uracumai  -cu-utoro  (pl) take away,   separate  
Moko-mokorin nita valincu-utoro. Separate those children  
Mocom ivalincumai.   Take the child away from there.  
Posim uracumai tu tapa leura una. Take the cat away, or  
  … po ula leura una.    
Leuram posi nacoone.   Take that meat away from the cat.  
         nim … nacoone   get, move away from  
Ana sorotum uramore.   I took the book away. (and kept in my hands)
Ana toom uracau.   I moved the cup.   (to another place)  
ropoke cover   utufale cover with your hands  
rapise cover, protect, fill in Posi ipar i'ina utufale! The cat's got its paws over the dog's eyes!
Asapatu tali lafait' ana sorotasam rapiset' an i'a naarau.    
    When my shoes are too large, I stuff some paper in so that my foot fits.
sorotasam meza rapiset' eta toom hiacau nar tapa ira-ira    
            put a piece of paper on the table so you can put a mug on it and not spill anything on the table
  ine               "put" figuratively  (e.g. put a suggestion)
Hair ehenim ine.     Make your (contribution).  
Hair em ine.   Go on, put it forward.  
Tava in heluhanam inen kois atolune.   He has committed himself to helping me.
Aeluhen esame manane nara hulanam inen istuda.   If you want to pass the exam, put an effort into studying.
position: additional material       inana:  upata'a itavanana
em co'one   take away from,   keep away from
em valine    
em aaco'one    
em acanacoone    
em acavaline